Mobile LiDAR

Mobile LiDAR – The next generation of survey and mapping

Mercado Consultants offers the latest technology in mobile lidar mapping with our vehicle mounted mobile lidar unit that is capable of taking 1 million points per second, with integrated photo imaging and positioning capabilities. The result is a highly detailed point cloud of an entire roadway or rail corridor with survey grade accuracy. The average mobile lidar scan takes approximately 30 minutes and eliminates the need for costly lane closures. In addition, Mercado Consultants can provide traditional topographic survey linework deliverables from the point cloud. Our point clouds can be referenced directly into Microstation or AutoCAD to provide an engineer with significantly more detailed mapping than traditional survey linework deliverables. To date Mercado Consultants has performed over 30 miles of mobile lidar mapping. See below for additional information on successfully completed projects.

Successfully completed mobile lidar projects:

Saul Road Sidewalk Construction: Mercado Consultants provided 2 miles of mobile lidar for the design of a new sidewalk on Saul Road in Montgomery County, Maryland.

I-695 Safety Improvements: Mercado Consultants provided 15 miles of mobile lidar for the design of safety improvements along I-695 including evaluating existing and proposed concrete and w-beam traffic barrier without the need for maintenance of traffic.

Burlington Avenue Intersection: Mercado Consultants preformed mobile lidar mapping for improvements to a complicated 5 way intersection in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Mercado Consultant’s mobile lidar services include:

  • Lidar scanning for roadway corridors, intersections, trails, or railways without need for MOT
  • Lidar scanning using RTK or fixing to established ground control
  • Developing full mapping deliverables including point clouds and traditional linework surveys
  • Roadside asset surveys such as signs, poles, and trees
  • Safety improvements survey/mapping including ADA/sidewalk survey, existing barrier and embankment survey, and existing condition of concrete barriers though high definition photos

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