Our broad range of capabilities enables us to provide comprehensive planning and design for transportation projects in small rural areas and large urban regions. Our departments regularly collaborate on projects, ensuring smooth communication and clear and comprehensive design plans on every project.


Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering for transportation projects constitutes a key component of Mercado Consultants’ practice.

Civil Engineering

Our civil engineering department consists of staff experienced in developing designs for highway, roadway and water resources projects.


Water & Sewer Engineering

Our water & sewer engineering department consists of staff serving WSSC, DC Water, and Baltimore City, among other local and state agencies.

Bridge Inspection

Our bridge inspection department conducts annual and biennial inspections, scour analyses and load ratings for bridges and transportation structures throughout Maryland and Washington, DC.



Our licensed surveyors, certified survey technicians and field crews specialize in conducting detailed surveys and developing plats for transportation and infrastructure design projects.

Construction Management & Inspection

Our construction managers and inspectors represent the interests of the owner throughout all phases of a project by providing organization, scheduling, coordination and supervisory roles. Our inspectors are certified in various materials testing practices and safety procedures to ensure the quality and safety of the site and the finished product.


GIS & Archaeology

Our GIS technicians provide comprehensive GIS services from field data collection to final data processing and analysis. We are familiar with geodatabase creation, as well as digitizing GIS products from aerial photography and engineer drawings.

Environmental Science

Our environmental scientists are qualified to delineate wetlands and forest stands, as well as conduct RTE plan investigations, NRIs, and Phase I ESAs, and provide forest conservations plans and associated permits.


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